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Local Solicitor | John McLean | Celebrating 2 Years in Business

Posted on 4 October 2023

I’m your local solicitor, and I can help with all your legal needs (either myself, or with the assistance of my fantastic colleagues at Nexa Law). I’m delighted to say that I’ve now been trading for 2 years on my own account. After 11 years with the large international firm, 5 years with the medium sized firm, I’ve now been a Consultant Solicitor for 2 years!

Local Solicitor – Local Suppliers

My blog last week Commercial Property Solicitor | John McLean | 2nd Year Review (mcleanlegal.co.uk) covered all the work I’ve been up to in the past 6 months, so I won’t go over that again. Instead, I’d like to celebrate being your local solicitor. I pride myself on using local suppliers wherever I can, and that has been no different in my second year. I’d like to thank and support (in no particular order):

Local IT Support

  • Tim Oxendale – Tim has been my web developer for over a year now. He really knows his way around WordPress, and has made a tremendous difference to the running speeds and operation of my site. Always responsive, and quick to turnaround work requests, I cannot recommend him highly enough for building or fixing or helping you out with websites.

Local Office Furniture

  • TYPERWRITER & EQUIPMENT COMPANY HOME – I love this great local office furniture business founded on personal service. As there’s just me in the business, and I work paperlessly wherever possible, my stationary needs are not huge. However, when I do need supplies Andrew and his team are always on hand to assist. I feel as valued as a large customer, and that’s great service. I have been pleased to upgrade some of my facilities with a new laminating machine this year.

Other Suppliers

  • Country Kate – My office has been set up and running for a while now, but when I’m looking for those individual pieces, Kate is there with a fantastic range of individual hand made and ethically sourced products. This year I’ve added some more funky “sheep” coasters to my client meeting area. Whilst I like to maintain a professional meeting space, I value being able to inject some personality as a small-business owner. Kate’s products enable me to do just that.
  • Winnie & Olive – Heather and Vanessa have transformed their business to focus on local, sustainably grown, British Flowers. They have done an amazing job in the face of the “race to the bottom” you see in supermarket flowers, and offer a wonderful local alternative. I’ve only had need to call on them once this year, for my office photoshoot, but when I did they jumped straight to it and delivered what I needed. If you are looking for quality, eco-friendly flowers, check them out in Kinver and Wall Heath.
  • Daniel James Photography – Last but not least, Daniel did a great office photoshoot with me (and my wife as supporting actress) in the early part of this year. Daniel turned a potentially “cringe” exercise into a really enjoyable hour or so, and I’m delighted with the photo output. They really help me to add some personal colour to my website and marketing materials. If you are looking for some professional photos, carried out with good humour, do look him up.

Shop Local

As I reflect on 2 years in business, it really strikes me how those local businesses have helped me to establish in the first year, and grow in my second. Yes the big boys have eye-catching offers, and talk a good game. However, what I’ve found over the years is that they do not deliver. They sell you a dream, and you end up in a nightmare. If you are buying furniture, their delivery drivers don’t turn up, or they deliver half a product. You have to speak to 3 people in 3 different continents to try and sort it out. When you shop local, the guy you spoke to on the phone turns up with his assistant, and puts everything exactly where you want it. Nothing is too much trouble. I could say the same about all of the services mentioned above.

Choosing a Solicitor

I’d say the same about legal services too. Sure, you can go to a large or medium sized firm, and you’ll be impressed by the glass and chrome. You will enjoy chatting to the partner who really wants your business. Trouble is, that glass and chrome is expensive. That partner is not really interested in you once you’ve sent him/her the work. That’ll get pushed down to a junior solicitor (or ideally a paralegal, as they cost less for the law firm) to do the actual doing.

Not with me. I’m the guy who’ll ring you if you have an enquiry. I’ll do my best to either help you myself (if it’s a commercial property enquiry) or refer you to an expert colleague. That’s different to delegating down as in a tradition firm. A referral is to an expert in their field, who is at least 8 year’s qualified. Either way, you are in a safe pair of hands.

So, next time you are buying furniture, flowers or thinking about legal services, look local and see what gems there are.

Contact Me

As always, if you have any queries, then do get in touch for a no-obligation, free, quotation via enquiries@mcleanlegal.co.uk or on 01384 872069 or via my Free Enquiry web page.  All work is carried out through Nexa Law Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the SRA.

Thanks for reading.  I really do appreciate those of you who have put your faith in your local solicitor. My reviews page tells me that faith is well placed. I’m proud to be providing a quality service to all my clients in my business. Here’s to the next year! Until next time, take care.



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